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Hello there! My name is Yue Zhu, and you can call me Annie! I graduated with a BFA in animation from the School of Visual Arts and currently work as a freelance animator, illustrator and storyboard artist in NYC. I love utilizing my creative strength to bring happiness and joy to others. Animation has always been the No.1 thing for me, comics ranks as No.2, and don't ask me whether cat or dog is the No.3 - it's really hard to pick!

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions about my work, or just to say hi!

Animation, Storyboard, Illustration, Character/ Color/ Layout/ Prop/ Sound Design, Video Editing, Special Effects

Contact Info:

Email: yzhu8@sva.edu


School of Visual Arts                                              New York, NY 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation                        2015—2019


  • Story Pitch, James Grimaldi

  • Drawing, Matt Archambault

  • Advanced Animation Workshop, Frank Gresham

  • Flash for Animation, Albert Pardo

  • TVPaint Animation, Harry Teitelman

  • Sound Design, Paul Goodrich

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Work Experience

Creative Firm                                                           New York, NY 
Animator                                                         Mar 2020—present
  • Responsible for the all stages of production, including character designs, style frames, color keys, layout designs, storyboards, finished animation, and final video composite for the trailer animation
  • Discuss and refine the story structure to make the animation more coherent and stimulating

AKMH LLC, Harbor c/o Billions                            New York, NY

Animator                                                           Jan 2020—present

  • Collaborate in animation production for the upcoming feature film A Mouthful of Air

  • Create clean and consistent background designs, style frames, and color keys

  • Work closely with screenwriter and director to develop and improve the storyline

  • Revise the original artworks and animatics

Animator, Illustrator and Storyboard Artist (Contract)                                                                                     May 2019—present

  • Complete freelance projects for clients in fields ranging from education, video games, publishing, music production, and film

  • Create character designs, storyboards, illustrations and animations, help clients stand out in their specific niche

  • Deliver high-quality digital artworks on limited schedules through effective time management and client communication

ideaMACHINE Studio                                              Union City, NJ

Productions Intern                                                 Sep—Oct 2019

  • Created commercial animations that distinguish clients’ brands and missions

  • Conceptualized and prepared production-ready illustrations and character design assets for motion graphic videos

  • Assisted in revising and editing footage, created whiteboard animations in After Effects for clients’ products

  • Collaborated with directors, producers, and production team to produce company branding videos

Panda Corner Corporation                                     New York, NY

Video Editing and Social Media Intern               Jun—Sep 2019

  • Worked with creative teams to produce visually compelling content; designed eye-catching animations, illustrations, and web banners in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects

  • Edited short and long-form videos for social media include Instagram, Youtube, etc.

  • Contributed to social media campaigns, assisted visual director, marketing managers, and other team members to develop creative marketing materials and brand awareness ads

Wasabi Kikaku, Inc.                                                  New York, NY Animation and Design Intern                              Oct—Dec 2018

  • Designed web banners, logos, animated characters and full commercials

  • Prepared Facebook ads and other promotional media

  • Increased page view numbers from 2K to 4K for clients

  • Illustrated line arts for clients’ products

  • Maintained and updated websites on WordPress


2D︱Flash, Toonboom (Advanced) - Harmony, Storyboard Pro, TVPaint Animation, Photoshop (Advanced), InDesign, Illustorator 

3D︱Maya, Cinema 4D, Sketchup

Special Effects︱Adobe After Effects

Editing︱Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro

Sound︱Adobe Audition, Pro Tools

Others︱MS Office, Nikon DSLR System, Bootstap 4

Traditional Art Skills︱Drawing, Inking, Watercolor

General︱Animation, Storyboard, Illustration, Character/ Color/ Layout/ Prop/ Sound Design, Modeling, Video Editing, Special Effects


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