Thesis Film: The Pearfect Team 

Storyboard clips for my thesis filmdemonstrated the chasing sequence and set in a humorous tone as a relief after an intense scene. The tunnel is in a flower shape in the opening scene, as the story unfolds within a futuristic tree city called “Cecile”, a cosmopolis where various types of anthropomorphic fruits live. Hades, a secret agent with pear-inspired features, needs to find an escaped Water Bear (the tardigrade) that grows larger by swallowing everything it sees. First, however, he has to overcome his arrogance, which not only isolates him from his friends, but endangers his survival. Ultimately, he must step away from being a lone ranger and learn to work with others.


The storyboards were finished in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro with two to three revisions, from the thumbnails to the finished boards. 

Independent Film: Double-Cross


These are parts of the storyboards from my third-year film, Double-Cross, created independently in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro. The film features a series of fighting sequences inspired by many action films and video games. In the story, our protagonist, Hades, a secret agent, is facing a new challenge to finish his duty and save his girlfriend, who is herself in grave threat. Getting the key poses and timing right was important when storyboarding. For these boards, I watched scenes in movies and tutorials many times in order to choreograph my own fighting sequences. After the thumbnails of the storyboards were finished, the voice actors engaged to get the right timing for each dialogue. Different storyboard rules such as the 180-degree rule and the utilization of camera angle and framing were applied to create better readability throughout. Each board was finished in simple black and white colors with arrows to indicate the movement directions.

You can watch the finished film here:

Professional Work 1: Storyboards for advertising video

Hiker Studio

These are storyboards for the Waverly Home Furnishings Company commercial videos. Hiker Studio provided the scripts and rough sketches, and I drew the boards accordingly. Discussions were made with the clients to make sure everything was cleared before starting. 

Software: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Professional Work 2: Storyboards for music video


Storyboards for the song Invisible Blue, inspired by The Conference of the Birds, a 12th-century mystical epic by the Persian poet Farid ud-Din Attar. A pinnacle of Sufism, the poem narrates the allegorical journey of a group of birds and the moral learning they encounter along their way. 

Software: Photoshop


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Invisible Blue 1